What's Cooking: Tips from Our Nutritionist

Smoothie Recipe        Oatmeal Recipe  

Nutritious Tips on Smoothies

  • Excellent to do a smoothie instead of juicing. Smoothies use the fruit and vegetable in its whole form so it keeps the fiber.
  • Did you know that smoothies can have just as much sugar as cola? Smoothies have more natural sugar than cola which uses high fructose corn syrup as its primary sweetener but it should be remembered, especially for those with diabetes, that sugar is sugar to the body whether it comes from natural fruit or artificial candy, the body will turn any and all sugar to glucose which can spike up insulin drastically if not paced out or controlled for.
  •  To reduce the sugar in your smoothie, try incorporating no more than two fruits and the rest vegetables. You’ll get the sweetness but with less sugar and more nutrient density with the added vegetables. Adding in baby spinach, Swiss chard, celery, or cucumbers can add more texture and flavor. 
  • For an extra frozen treat that isn’t too watery, try freezing cubes of almond or soy milk. They can be added to the smoothies for great flavor, texture and added nutrition.

Smoothie Recipe       Oatmeal Recipe

 Nutritious Tips on Oatmeal 

  • Choose oatmeal wisely – steel-cut and old-fashioned oats are best for retaining nutrition but also cook longest. Instant and quick oatmeal take a shorter time but some nutrition has been lost in the processing. However many have been fortified back with vitamins and minerals. Read the label to make sure there’s been added fortification.
  • Don’t choose flavored oatmeal with unnecessary added sugar. If you want apple and cinnamon oatmeal then cut apples and add cinnamon. Cinnamon and other spices like nutmeg and cloves are great to add phytonutrients and antioxidants. Cinnamon in particular can lower blood sugar levels.
  • Oatmeal is more carb rich than protein rich for a breakfast so try adding a spoon of whey protein powder. It is also a cost effective protein source and complete in all the needed essential amino acids.

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